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Please Contact for Offering Rates

Discounted Rates for:

  • Infants + Babies

  • Children + Teens

  • Teachers

  • Health Care Practitioners

  • Fire Department Members (VFD Included!)


Sliding Scale Available

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Having worked within dynamic health care teams including acupuncturists, chiropractors, PT/OT, MD's (general care providers, trauma specialists, & surgeons of many specialties), homeopathists & more, I'm able to support rehabilitation & recovery (whether a recent or past injury, surgery, or physical trauma), as well as facilitate connection through community practitioner recommendations.


The clinical massage education I received at Cortiva Institute (Seattle), grounded my manual therapy practice in a physiological approach to pain management through tracking the root of an imbalance through the relationship between our bodily systems, & how to create change through unwinding the compensation patterns within the tissue for beneficial systemic (full body) effects & results.

Private sessions are client centered around your intention for working together & are available for all life stages & ages being lived. Sessions can be scheduled in 30 minute increments up to 3hrs. Depending on modalities or traditions being worked with a longer session may be appropriate. 

While my practice has been rooted in clinical chronic & acute pain management techniques for nearly 15 years, I acknowledge the deep and potent connection between our physical body and our less tangible aspects of self, as well as the benefits of intentional, safe touch. 


Weaving clinical manual therapy techniques with heart centered whole-self care rooted in TMM (Traditional Mexican Medicine), sessions meet the client where they are at to support balance & comfort in relation to the body, mind, heart, & spirit.  

I strive to provide Cultural Humility, Trauma Informed and Gender Affirming practices. 

I am also a Full Spectrum Birthworker + Deathkeeper (Death Doula)


Available for All Life Stages + Ages
Infant through Elder

Neuromuscular + Myofascial Release-incl. Trigger+Tender Point Release * Lymphatic Drainage * Abdominal/Womb Massage * Perinatal + Infant Massage * Assisted Stretching * Manteada de Rebozo

Schedule a Bodywork Treatment to Address/Support:

  • Overall Wellness & Regular Self Care

  • PTSD/Trauma Recovery

  • Chronic & Acute Pain Management

  • Injury Rehabilitation - Surgical Recovery

  • Nerve Pain - Neuropothies - Neurological Disorders

  • Plantar Fasciitis - Migraines - Sciatica

  • Arthritis - Inflammatory Conditions

  • Scoliosis - Back Pain

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Digestive Irregularity/Sensitivity

  • Pelvic Floor Imbalance

  • Fertility/Conception  

  •  Pregnancy Comfort/Birth Prep

  • Breech Balance Bodywork Sessions (Prenatal)

  • Palliative Care Comfort

.........& So Much More....


Each modality has its own medicine to offer, and integrated together an individual or series of bodywork treatments can support deep unwinding of both acute and chronic compensation patterns, structurally and holistically. 

The bodywork I offer is intended to support each client in deepening your own body-relationship through learning what the pain/sensations felt are communicating, and allowing the nervous system to reach a state of calm and safety so your innate ability to heal and rebalance may be accessed during & between treatments. 

While many of the sessions I facilitate are pain-management oriented, I also have many clients who come in with general wellness intentions. 

All are welcome to book a session! 

Bodywork is especially potent as part of a health care team including other support practitioners like Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nutritionalists, Homeopathists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.


I am available for consultations regarding community practitioner suggestions/referrals. 

Infant-Toddler bodywork sessions are as short as 10 min & as long as babe/child is willing to receive. Sessions consist of gentle body & energy work to support the new life's cultivation of their relationship to their own body. Sessions may also be a lesson so parents can continue to work with hands on techniques at home between sessions. Sessions are a lovely way to deepen your connection to your new babe, support their deepening a connection to themselves, and are particularly helpful in the case of birth-traumas.

Children-Teen bodywork sessions can be scheduled in 30 min increments and can be done fully clothed, or undressed to comfort level with sheet draping (as done in adult sessions). Receiving bodywork at a young(er) age can help support an early loving relationship with the body as well as the same wellness/trauma recovery/pain management benefits as for adults. 

Sobada de Matriz- Womb/Abdominal Massage can be supportive for those looking to become pregnant or those in their 4th Trimester to bring about physiological and energetic realignment and rebalancing.


It can also be helpful for any womb carriers who are experiencing irregular, painful, or otherwise emotionally unstable bleeding cycles; or who are looking to take steps towards overall womb health.  

This is an art, an ancestral medicine that was shared with me by elders, keepers of the traditions of the Maya & Mexikah people. I honor my Maestras, my Abuelitas with each womb I touch. 

Prenatal + Postpartum bodywork sessions are focused on restoring & maintaining balance as your body adjusts & grows during your pregnancy journey. All emollients, modalities, & positions worked with during prenatal sessions are safe for gestating people & their babies.


Ask about my Breech Balance Bodywork Sessions!

Breech Balance Bodywork sessions can be helpful to create space and balance within the body to increase the opportunities of fetal re-positioning in instances of a "Mal-Positioned" babe. ie Breech, Transverse, Occiput Posterior/"Sunny Side Up."

Schedule a Perinatal Bodywork Session to Support:

  • Stress & Pain Management 

  • Sciatica - Neuropathies

  • Proper Baby Positioning for Birth incl. Breech Balance Sessions

  • Cultivating a Loving Relationship with Body & Baby before Labor/Birth

  • Postpartum Birth Story Processing & Integration

  • Lactation Support

  • Surgical Birth Recovery

  • PMADs- Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders

  • Postpartum Pain Management

  • Hormone Balance 


Palliative/End of Life bodywork sessions can be done in hospital or home settings. With the intention of increasing ease and comfort, sessions can be whatever length is desired. Please contact with me any questions or personal considerations. 

Other Offerings

When & if the client is in a space to receive guidance and/or healing in relation to matters of the heart-spirit-body-mind connection, Reiki and Traditional Mexican Medicine offerings are able to be integrated into healing sessions or can be scheduled as a session/ceremony of its own.

Reiki is an energy work option for a gentle, whole-self support for pain management, stress/anxiety disorders, and so much more. Sessions are non-invasive and can incorporate direct touch or no-touch at all. 

Traditional Mexican Medicine offerings are also available to address wellbeing and healing for your emotional and physical bodies.


Imbalance in our spiritual and physical selves can come from trauma we ourselves, or our ancestry, have experienced. This lived + intergenerational trauma can affect our vitality, our medicine, our lives. Our vitality needs movement to restore, grow, cleanse. When there is an imbalance to our Frio y Calor (our hot-cold constitution) we open ourselves to stagnancy, to illness, to dis-ease, to the leaking of our medicine/vitality. 

It is also that our lives are precious and are deserving of being tended, as are our emotions-mind-spirit. These traditional healing offerings are indigenous wisdom in how to tend the prayer of this life gifted, and how to work with the medicine of our emotions to travel to the origin of an imbalance. 

The Ancestral Healing Wisdom I've been blessed to learn from teachers + elders is shared with an open heart. I'm humbled to share my Mexikah Indigenous reclamation as healing for and with my community. 

Platica (heart-to-heart) is available when it may be supportive to be witnessed and to self identify areas that would appreciate acknowledgment, love, & healing. Platica is part of the start of any traditional healing session. 

Traditional Herbal support through teas, bath/bano blends, flower essence, & other plant medicines. All herbs are either grown with intention organically or wildcrafted sustainably, and prepared with prayer custom to the intention of each client. 

Limpias are an energetic + spiritual cleansing of the body-mind-spirit. Working with prayer, song, and the 4 Elements to support movement of the emotional winds with the intention of restoring balance to our being and lives. Limpias are usually 60-120 minutes.

Sacral Steams + other Traditional Womb health services to support menstrual irregularities, overall womb health, fertility + more.

More info above on Sobada de Matriz (womb/abdominal massage). 

Manteada de Rebozo is a Traditional bodywork/energywork offering. Gentle movement with a Rebozo (Traditional Mexican Indigenous hand-woven cloth) is provided for a whole-self opening and movement. It is safe for all life stages + ages.

~La Cerrada de Caderas- Hip Closure is a Traditional sealing ceremony practiced in Mexico by the Indigenous people of the many Ancestral lands there. Most commonly known in relation to postpartum, the hip closure or closing of the hips can mark any closing in life and is available for all genders, birthing or not.


Major life changes are times to be honored, marked & celebrated whether they bring excitement, uncertainty, fear, or a special mix of their own. La Cerrada can be supportive in times of loss/grief, the ending of a relationship (romantic, familial, business, land), career changes, 4th trimester healing and more.


In the context of birth, La Cerrada is done ideally during the 4th Trimester- postpartum period- and is performed to help close the physical and energetic bodies after performing the deep opening needed to give birth. After opening your whole-self to bring your precious baby earth-side, it is also important to close yourself + your postpartum experience, so you may open to being the You that is because of the bridges crossed.  

La Cerrada can be a singular ceremony but/and depending on birth story circumstances a series of cerradas may be recommended to honor the full tradition and person. Each ceremony can range from 1-3hr on avg. and incorporates plant baths-banos, massage-sobada, sacred song & prayer, and so much more.

I had a massage with her and it was incredible, she is a wonderful person, she explains everything down to the smallest detail and gives you tips to improve what you need on a daily basis✨🙏🏻💯

Michelle P. (Bodywork)


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Sliding Scale Available

Discounted Sessions for:

Infants-Children; Teachers; Health Care Workers; Fire Dept. Members- Including VFD


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House-Visits Available in Hum+Mendo COs.

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