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Birthwork Support Services

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Available for those working with a package offering who are looking to personalize their journey further, as well as anyone hoping to work together on a per service/session basis.


Offerings include clinical and traditional methods of support for your prenatal & postpartum physical-mental-emotinal-and spiritual needs. 


Please reach out for rates.

Several offerings available on donation basis.

Sliding Scale available.

*Payment & Scheduling separate from Birthwork Packages.

In-Person Classes can be viewed here!

"Ask Me Anything" Calls

60 min phone or zoom call to ask me/chat about any and all things pregnancy+labor+birth+postpartum! ​ Personalized 1v1 time to drop in on self advocacy, birth plan preferences/creation, childbirth + anatomy education, as well as all things conception or postpartum! It's like having a doula for the moment, even if you haven't hired one (yet).  Open to folks hoping to be, currently, or recently pregnant, and their family support members.Scheduled by the hour.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth education can be an amazing addition to how families prepare for pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. As a trained educator I strive to provide inclusive, evidence-based and socially conscious education to my community that is trauma informed and comprehensive. Topics covered include: -Pregnancy Anatomy + Physiology -Labor/Birth Anatomy + Physiology -Fetal Positioning -Mental + Physical Coping Measures -Creating a Birth Preferences sheet -Medical Birth Interventions + Self Advocacy -Newborn Care + Infant Feeding -Postpartum Healing + Recovery -Local Resources *Available for families intending to birth in or out of a hospital! Please visit my "Groups + Classes" page for current public community classes. I’m also available for small group/individual family private childbirth education. Reach out with any questions!

Perinatal + Infant Bodywork

(Massage Therapy)

Clinical & traditional bodywork sessions available for supporting body-mind-spirit during conception, pregnancy, postpartum, or for infants. Modalities worked with include: Myo/Neurofascial Release Therapy; Neuromuscular Release Therapy; Manteada de Rebozo, Visceral Release, Sobada de Matriz-Womb Massage.  ​   Sobada de Matriz- Womb Massage can be supportive for those looking to become pregnant or those in their 4th Trimester to bring about physiological and energetic realignment. This is an art, an ancestral medicine that was shared with me by elders, keepers of the traditions of the Maya & Mexikah people. I honor my Maestras, my Abuelitas with each womb I touch.  ​ Prenatal + Postpartum bodywork sessions are focused on restoring & maintaining balance as your body adjusts & grows during your pregnancy journey. All emollients, modalities, & positions worked with during prenatal sessions are safe for gestating people & their babies.   Ask about my Breech Balance Bodywork Sessions! Breech Balance Bodywork sessions can be helpful to create space and balance within the body to increase the opportunities of fetal re-positioning in instances of a "Mal-Positioned" babe. ie Breech, Transverse, Occiput Posterior/"Sunny Side Up." ​ Sessions can be helpful for: Stress & Pain Management  Sciatica/Neuropathies Proper Baby Positioning for Birth/Labor including Breech Balance sessions Cultivating a Loving Relationship with one's Body & Baby Before Labor/Birth Postpartum Birth Story Processing & Integration Lactation Support Surgical Birth Recovery PMADs- Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders  Hormone Balance Postpartum Pain Management Infant massage sessions are as short as 10 min & as long as babe is willing to receive. Sessions consist of gentle body & energy work to support the new life's cultivation of their relationship to their own body. Sessions may also be a lesson so parents can continue to work with hands on techniques at home between sessions. Sessions are particularly helpful in the case of birth trauma, are a lovely way to deepen your connection to your new babe & support their deepening a connection to themselves.

Custom Herbal Remedies

Our plant teachers are here to hold our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves- especially during pregnancy. Custom herbal remedies can be made for you to meet you where you're at at all stages of conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. All ingredients are organic and most plants are grown or ethically wild-crafted by myself. Teas, bath blends, sitz blends, tinctures, body and room spritz are available.

Placenta Encapsulation

Prepared traditionally with song and blessings specific to the birther and baby. Available per birther need- not a necessary medicine for every postpartum person. Can be supportive to decrease onset of Postpartum Moon + Anxiety Disorders, quicken postpartum healing, support lactation, and more. Placenta prints, cord dehydration, addition of herbs to medicine, or Pick-up/Delivery available upon request. Discounted rates for package holders.

Belly Binding

The ancestral practice of binding one's midsection can be found in many ancient cultures. The tradition I carry is rooted in my ancestral Mexica lineage.  Belly Binding is a way to support the restoration of physical & energetic strength and maintain the heat-calor needed for vitality to be sustained during & after the 4th trimester.  Sessions include a lesson for postpartum person (&/or partner) to continue binding at home throughout the postpartum time. Postpartum person provides own binding wrap/cloth. *In my culture a rebozo can be what is used to bind. Certain lengths are preferred. Please reach out for a consult if planning on buying your own for guidance on logistics for function & cultural competency. I'm happy to recommend culturally aware & sustainable vendors.

Cerrada de Caderas

Traditional ceremony practiced in many parts of Mexico by the indigenous people of that land, done ideally during the 4th Trimester-postpartum period to help close the physical & energetic bodies after giving birth. La cerrada can be a singular ceremony but/& depending on birth story circumstances a series of cerradas may be recommended to honor the full tradition & person. Each ceremony can range from 1-3hr on avg. & incorporates plant baths-banos, massage-sobada, sacred song & prayer, & so much more. The closing of the hips can mark any closing in life & is available for all genders, birthing or not. To close is also to open. After opening your whole self to bring your precious baby earth-side, it is also important to close your self & your postpartum experience, so you may open to being the you that is because of the bridges crossed.

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