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Q: Where is your office located? A: My office is in Southern Humboldt, CA. Less than 10 minutes from Redway, it's the perfect mix of convenience with proximity to town while having all the privacy of being on private land that is lovingly stewarded.

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates? A: Yes, absolutely! Gift certs are available for any of my offerings: -Energywork/Reiki -Limpia -Cerrada de Caderas -Bodywork/Manual Therapy/Abdominal(womb) Massge -Herbalism You can also get someone a gift certificate towards their birthwork/doula services! Share the love of birthwork support- whether towards one of my birthwork(doula) packages or any of the additional support offerings! Gift Certificates can be picked up in person, emailed, or mailed via USPS.

Q: Do you do house-calls / home visits? A: Yes! House-calls for private sessions & ceremonies are prioritized for birthwork clients and those with accessibility considerations. House-calls are available for those in Northern Humboldt & Mendocino, however availability is more limited than in-office sessions. Home-visits are available for prenatal visits with birthwork packages (amount dependent on package chosen). House-call/travel rates apply for private sessions / additional prenatal home visits.

Q: How far will you travel? A: I work with those who live in Humboldt County and Northern Mendocino County. Please ask about my travel rates!

Q: Are you accepting new clients? A: Absolutley! My practice is open to new clients of all ages and life stages, as well as 2023 due dates for Labor/Birth or Postpartum support. Please reach out for a consult or to schedule a session!

Q: I'm not pregnant or hoping to get pregnant... Can I still book a session with you? A: Yes, of course! I have many offerings to share that are NOT exclusively for pregnant people or womb carriers. My bodywork, energywork & herbal offerings are all available for every life stage and age.

Q: Are "Bodywork" and "Massage" the same thing? A: Yes & No ;) While massage therapy is what my manual therapy practice is rooted in, bodywork sessions can include much more than the standard of postural assessments and touch therapy. Our time together will include a holistic approach with platica (heart-to-heart), anatomy education, assisted and active stretching, clinical and traditional indigenous techniques, or more. To me, bodywork includes the active participation of the client to address whole-self wellness through deepening the relationship with one's own body and holds space for active and passive movements within the container of receiving massage.

Q: Is a "birthworker" the same as a midwife or doula? A: Birthworker in general covers perinatal support people who do work around the birth altar. While not all perinatal support people identify as a "birthworker," I personally do, and many use "doula" and "birthworker" interchangeably. I find it fits best to hold the various ways that I personally support the pregnancy and birth container. A "doula" is a physical, mental, emotional, educational, and advocacy SUPPORT person hired for prenatal, labor and/or postpartum periods. They are NOT medical providers. A midwife is a medical professional who provides prenatal, labor and postpartum MEDICAL CARE under the midwifery model of care. Doulas and Midwives can work together or you can hire a doula/birthworker for In or Out-of-Hospital birth. Both can identify as birthworkers. I am NOT a midwife. I offer "doula" services, as well as additional perinatal support services to compliment/support primary medical care (midwife/obgyn).

Q: What is "Deathkeeping?" Is it the same as hospice? A: Deathkeeping is the honor and act of holding intentional space for the family members and/or individuals who are transitioning from life to death. It is also known as a "death/bereavement doula." There are many overlaps between hospice care and deathkeeping support. They may work together as a team to provide collaborative support or individually.

Q: What is your "Community Services" discount? A: My Community Services Discount is available for local Teachers, Health Care Practitioners, and Fire Department Memebers (VFD Included!). It can be requested for Bodywork + Energywork sessions. Please contact me for more details or with questions!

Q: What does "Self-Determined Sliding Scale" mean? Do I qualify? A: My self-determined sliding scale is available for anyone who needs, upon request. There is no application/verification necessary. "Self-determined" means you decide what is comfortable for you to pay within my sliding scale range per offering. Accessibility is a priority in sharing my offerings with my community. Please ask for what you need.

Q: What is your cancellation policy? A: Effective March 2023 48 Hr Notice - No charge Same Day Cancellation - Full Session Fee 24 Hr / Same-Day-Sick Cancellation - 75% Session Fee *Please contact for birthwork visit cancellation policy.

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