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Client Testimonials

If you have worked with me before and are interested in sharing a public testimonial, you can do so here

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"Michela Hernandez is synonymous with relief. . . Every time I am lucky enough to receive a treatment from her, I am truly amazed at her ability to navigate, its like she has the trail map to my body. Michela is able to find all the deep hidden away spots that I’ve stored my stress, sadness, and pain. . . I am so grateful to have found someone I can fully trust to help me let go of my pain."


L.B. Whitethorn, CA (Bodywork, Energywork)

"I had a massage with her and it was incredible, she is a wonderful person, she explains everything down to the smallest detail and gives you tips to improve what you need on a daily basis✨🙏🏻💯"

Michelle P. (Bodywork)

"My boyfriend has really been enjoying your teas. He says he feels it in his belly then back up into his sinuses. I have as well; calming, soothing, and delicious." 


A.H. Chico, CA (Herbal Tea for Fire/Smoke Relief)

 "I sustained a serious lower back injury in 2014. Over the following years I’ve worked with many doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists etc.… with little to no relief. This has led to sometimes crippling anxiety and depression. Since I’ve begun working with Michela I’ve gotten more relief physically, mentally, and spiritually then I’ve gotten from any doctor/therapist over the years! Michela’s knowledge of the human body and the compassion she has for her clients is truly unmatched in my book!"


Michael C. Redway, CA (Bodywork, Energywork)

 "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your work. I'm blown away by how much better my arm feels after just one session--better than I'd really thought would be possible in such a short time."


A.M. Southern Humboldt, CA (Bodywork)

"I went to Michela for prenatal bodywork, with an emphasis on wanting my 30 week baby to turn head down.

She is a wealth of information and knowledge, and the next day at my OB’s office I was told my baby was head down!

My pain that I had been dealing with since around 20 weeks also resolved with just one session. Can’t recommend her services enough for pregnant mamas!"

Chayse M. Redway, CA (Prenatal Bodywork)

"Michela was so amazing during the birth of my daughter at St. Joseph’s in Eureka.

From the get-go, I knew she was going to be the perfect person to have by my side during such a special and transformative experience.


Michela is seriously the kindest, most caring and compassionate person I've ever met. She's also super strong and resilient - she stayed with me for over 36 hours during the birth and even drove up to Eureka in the middle of the night when I went into labor.


Michela was also really easy to work with. She listened to my birth plan and helped me to advocate for myself during the birth. She stood up for me when I needed it, and was a constant source of support and guidance. I honestly believe that Michela was a major factor in my ability to have a natural birth and avoid a C-section.


I can't thank Michela enough for being such a powerful force of positivity and strength during my birth. Her kindness and care will always be remembered and appreciated. I'm also really happy that Michela was one of the first people my newborn daughter was able to meet. If you're in need of a doula in Humboldt, Michela is your girl. She's an amazing doula who goes above and beyond to support her clients. You won't be disappointed!"

Conor + Ryan W. (Birthwork)

 "I am lucky enough to had Michela as birth support for each of my babies.

For my first birth I called her in last minute and in great need for advocacy. I was exhausted and had accepted medical interventions in desperation to get things moving. I knew nothing about birth and felt pressured to give the doctor a "yes." After a 41 hour labor my birth plan was pretty much out the window. Michela was a bright light even when I didn't think I could do it.

For my second birth I was prepared, we were prepared. I had a team. Michela was my massage therapist during pregnancy and my doula for birth. She helped me prep for every scenario and brought me confidence and calm. Her support was irreplaceable. My second birth I was able to follow my exact birth plan. Even when feeling pressured, all I had to do is give her one look and I knew it was up to me and she had my back.

I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have learned from Michela during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum. I am so lucky to have 2 beautiful littles, helped guided into this world by such wonderful human.

If you need a fierce advocate, loving auntie or solely a witness into your next chapter of motherhood, I couldn't recommend Michela enough."

C.H. Southern Humboldt, CA (Birthwork, Prenatal Bodywork )

"I cannot imagine what my birth journey would have been like without Michela by my side. My partner and I felt listened to, validated, compassionately educated, and loved on in a way that I didn’t know would be possible.

Michela helped me to feel empowered as a first time mama - and held space for my worries, fears, long-ish labor, and overwhelming joy! Michela has a gift that is hard to put into words, but is felt beyond measure. We are eternally grateful!"


Ashley Gephart Eureka, CA (Birthwork, 1st time Mom )

"Michela has a deep anatomical knowledge and a wonderful intuition about the needs of mother, partner, and child. She might be a little bit magical too.

We met Michela towards the end of our pregnancy, and I was afraid I wouldn’t feel comfortable only knowing someone such a short amount of time, to be present during the most intimate and important moments of my life. However, michela has such a comforting, helpful, open and caring spirit that I immediately knew we made the right choice.

She has definitely found her calling in Birthwork.

Also, in prenatal massage, her hands work miracles on a tired, sore, pregnant body.

Michela provided assistance in ways I didn’t know I needed or was entitled to. She helped me process strong emotions about my delivery, she suggested foods that I didn’t know I wanted or needed (but were absolutely spot-on), and she provided cultural and traditional birth knowledge that I am thankful to know.

Many people have the luxury of having mothers or other family present to help, but we were lacking in this area. Michela really did bridge that gap for us. The quality and richness of the time she spent with us went so far.

Thank you Michela, we are so very thankful we found you, and you will forever hold a special place in our child’s birth story!"

C+I. C. Eureka, CA (Birthwork + Prenatal Bodywork)

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