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Grief & Death are not often seen as easy or comfortable bridges to cross in this life. As a Deathkeeper, my role is to support your sacred unfolding with heart-centered compassion, evidence based education, and death rights advocacy support. My offerings are available for individuals & families at all stages of palliative care, as well as those working with the Medicine of Grief any amount of time in relation to loss. 


Through my lived experiences & reclamation of ancestral teachings, I have personally cultivated an ever deepening relationship with Death as an ally and Grief as a medicine. They are my teachers and walk with me closely as I cross my own personal and professional bridges. I believe Death to be a sacred crossing, a closing of our time to complete our purpose, our intention for being here in this body, and can be something that changes the lives of loved ones still living forever. It is an offering to these teachers to support those I work with during these times of closing in their lives. 


To Live Well & Die Well is a blessing and a gift to ourselves, those that have come before, and those still yet to come. To witness the process before, during, and after one’s crossing is an honor I give gratitude for daily and hope to see more widely accepted in our communities. I am here to support this vulnerable time in a way that is authentic to you, your family, and your ancestors. 

Medicine of Grief ~ Processing Early & After Death Grief, including 4th Trimester Grief

There are many blogs, books, & steps to be found that say they can point you towards the medicine, the cure for your grief. I challenge that perspective & invite you to rather expose your opened (even if by means of breaking) heart to the medicine within your grief. This is not a bridge that leads to painless grief, but one of acceptance and love for how your grief is happening for you, not to you. 

There is no time frame or expiration date for grief. It can arrive earlier & stay longer than expected or desired. This does not mean it will hurt the same way forever. To hold our grief with eyes & heart wide open is to see how deeply we have loved & can love. The act of cultivating a relationship with death as a teacher & ally rather than an enemy can help us to hold our grief with compassion, acceptance, and connection. Whether we are experiencing grief from preemptive fear of death (our own or a loved one’s), the upcoming death of your own or a loved one’s, or working with grief after the death of a loved one recently or long ago the Medicine of our Grief is always there for us. 

Grief may also appear completely unrelated to a physical death but instead associated with the ending/loss of a relationship, job, goals/dreams/ideas; a significant move/relocation; triggering of grief from current/major global events; and more.


Medicine of Grief offerings are for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their own self though building their bridge of healing and embodiment after the great change that comes with a death. 


4th Trimester Medicine of Grief:

Conception does not always lead to bringing new life home. Sometimes it is a conscious choice, others a circumstance of pregnancy or birth complications. This is a tender time where support during conception, personal/medical intervention, & the 4th trimester may be offered to honor the personal choices, healing, & medicine of grief of the gestating person (& their family). End of Pregnancy Support varies depending on the individual being worked with, their preferences, beliefs, & intentions.

After~Death Ceremonies & Energetic Offerings

Ceremonies and death-honoring practices for mind-body-spirit cleansing, embodiment, & reconciliation are available for anyone at any stage of their death-grief journey. In these offerings, the ceremonial aspect of death is honored & respected. I am here to support your acknowledgment and presence with death-grief as you cross your sacred bridge towards learning your personal Medicine of Grief.


Examples of Offerings:

  • Limpia

  • Platica

  • Reiki

  • Healing Touch - Bodywork - Sobada

  • Plant Ally Support (Teas, Banos-Baths)

  • Memorial/Death Ceremony Creation

  • La Cerrada de Caderas - Closing of the Hips



La Cerrada de Caderas- Closing of the Hips is a traditional ceremony practiced in many parts of Mexico by the indigenous people of the many ancestral lands there. Most widely known in relation to birth, the closing of the hips/bones can mark any closing in life and is available for all genders, birthing or not. Major life changes are times to be honored, marked, & celebrated whether they bring excitement, uncertainty, fear, or a special mix of it's own. La Cerrada can be supportive in times of loss-death-grief, the ending of a relationship (romantic, familial, business, land), career changes, 4th trimester healing, and more. 


In the context of pregnancy, La Cerrada is done ideally during the 4th Trimester- postpartum period- and is performed to help close the physical and energetic bodies after performing the deep opening needed to hold life and/or give birth.  After your whole self has been opened to hold the energy of creation, it is also important to close yourself and your postpartum experience, so you may open to being the you that is because of the bridges crossed - particularly when new life will not be returning home with you.


La Cerrada can be a singular ceremony but/and depending on closing story, a series of las Cerradas may be recommended to honor the full tradition and person. Each ceremony can range from 1-3hr on avg. and incorporates plant baths-banos, massage-sobada, sacred song & prayer, and so much more.

End of Life Planning

The what, who, and where when it comes to the crossing of your own, or a loved one can seem overwhelming & cumbersome when trying to be in the moment. I am here to support through evidence based education & community practitioner referrals from over a decade of experience to help inform, educate, and connect you with the services most needed for you & your family. 


  • Ethical Will Preperation (not legal) 

  • Passing Preferences (smells, people, lighting, music, etc)

  • Advanced Directive guidance/support

  • Memorial Creation (Individual Early Creation & Family Created)

  • And much more.... 

Bedside Support

To have a grounding presence during the thin moments around a crossing soon traveled can be a great comfort to both the dying and the family. It is always an honor to be witness during these powerful moments. Bedside support can be scheduled prior to the moment of need & also for time sensitive moments of bedside witnessing. 


These times are varied in their offerings, and may include:

  • One-on-One moments and/or Group Support/Platica

  • Plant Support (teas, baths, sprays)

  • Food Preparation

  • Healing touch

  • Death Rights Advocacy

  • And so much more 

In-person bedside support contingent on current Covid protocol for in-facility care.

Covid conscious care for in-home visits. 

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