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Thank you for your curiosity in my work -Sacred Bridges- & the lens I share my offerings through.

I believe every person has the right to experience a radically self-empowered existence - conception through death & all the messy, beautiful bits in between, & I believe we have the ability & resiliency to do it with intention. 

I have been practicing bodywork in my community for over a decade, specializing in Neuromuscular Release, Myo/Neurofascial Release, visceral release/abdominal massage

+ perinatal/infant massage.


Having worked within dynamic health care teams including acupuncturists, chiropractors, PT/OT, MD's (general care providers, trauma specialists, & surgeons of many specialties), homeopathists & more, I'm able to support rehabilitation & recovery (whether a recent or past injury, surgery, or physical trauma), as well as facilitate connection through community practitioner recommendations.


The clinical massage education I received at Cortiva Institute (Seattle), grounded my manual therapy practice in a physiological approach to pain management through tracking the root of an imbalance through the relationship between our bodily systems, & how to create change through unwinding the compensation patterns within the tissue for beneficial systemic (full body) effects & results.

My offerings are a bridge between the clinical & ancestral traditions I carry. To me, the perspective the clinical training I've received is an affirmation of the traditional teachings I've been honored to have shared with me, to have reclaimed.  


My bodywork, birthwork, & deathkeeping practices are individually & collectively reinforced & informed by the traditional medicine/treatments that may be integrated in one-on-one sessions & vice versa.

The land I'm blessed to call home & steward is on unceded Sinkyone Territory (Southern Humboldt County), & the community I'm a part of is the one I was born & raised in. It is here that I am a community aunt~tia, a lover & cultivator of plants, medicine maker & sharer, moon lover, & keeper of my ancestral traditions. 


I carry what my ancestors have gifted me & honor what yours have gifted you. 

My office is located in Southern Humboldt County, CA.


I serve Humboldt & Mendocino Counties for

In-Person Support in my

Birthwork/Doula & Deathkeeping offerings.

Being a seed of my ancestors, I am passionate about the reclamation & respect of all ancestral traditions. Mine are close to my heart & spirit & also frame aspects of my offerings. I am the Sacred Bridge of my maternal & paternal lines, my ancestors of the North (Gaelic/Western European) & those of the South (Indigenous Mexika) & I am grateful for the medicine both lineages carry & have asked me to hold this time around. 

This life has helped me to cultivate a personal appreciation & reclamation of the sacred nature of holding Birth, our bodily experiences, & Death as individual rituals within the greater ceremonies of our lives as a whole. 

Our birth (story) can affect our physiological body. 

Our state of bodily comfort can affect our mental/emotional selves... or vice versa.

Our mental/spiritual states can affect our bodies as we approach/enter death & meet grief. 

Our death can affect those still living and those yet to be born. 

Our grief can affect our body-mind-spirit, those around us still living, or the energies of those that have transitioned.

It can all affect or bless. 

We are the Sacred Bridges between our ancestors & our decedents, between our intangible and tangible selves, between our own initiation into & completion of our time in this body, between the experience and the medicine, between the hurt & the healing. 


Meet Michela 

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