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Womb to Tomb Care-Work + Offerings


Redway, CA

Full Spectrum Birthworker

Supporting birthing people + their families at any stage of expansion from fertility/conception, labor + delivery, 4th trimester (postpartum). Including abortion, miscarriage + stillbirth.


Individual support services + doula packages available.


Labor / Birth + Postpartum Birthworker


Reproductive Support Specialist


Rights Informed Birth Advocate

*In-person + distance support available 

Clinical Bodywork/Massage Therapy

For All Life Stages + Ages

Myofascial + Neurofascial Release


Neuromuscular Release

incl. Trigger +Tender Point Therapy


Lymphatic Drainage


Visceral Release/Abdominal Massage


Prenatal, Postpartum & Infant Massage


Assisted Stretching


Breech Balancing Bodywork




Traditional Mexican Medicine (TMM)

Herbal Support + Preparation


Sacral Steams


Limpia/Energetic Cleansing


Sobada de Matriz/Womb Massage


Manteada de Rebozo


Cerrada de Caderas/Hip Closure


Private sessions can be scheduled from1-3 hours, depending on modalities being worked with & intention of session. 


Office in Redway, CA

Death/Bereavment Doula Mind~Body~Spirit~Educational support in relation to end of life care, ritual, death rights advocacy & (advanced) planning.


Medicine of Grief Support

 Processing early grief & grief after death.  Including 4th Trimester (Postpartum) Grief Support in relation to intentional & unintentional end of pregnancy. 

In-person + distance support available

Ask about my Availability for Virtual Support
In-Person offerings available in Humboldt + Mendocino Counties


I believe the journey we take to be Born, to Live, and to Die is Sacred.

In all of my offerings, the intention is to co-create safe space at any life stage or age through compassion, tradition, advocacy, & resiliency. It is important to me personally & professionally for all individuals & families worked with to feel seen, heard & respected, and for their personal preferences to be honored with dignity. 


With every Individual + Family I work with, I Strive to provide offerings that are:


Trauma Informed

Gender Affirming

Rooted in Cultural Humility


Rooted in Strength Based Practices

Client Centered Around Personal Preferences


Our bodies are a bridge between the many aspects of our lives, yet it is up to us to maintain its strength, integrity, & wellbeing. 

Sacred Bridges is my community offering to supporting your right to a passage traveled with intention & embodiment.


~Tlazocamati/Thank You~

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