"Bridging the Gap: Rural Community Birthwork" (Presentation) @ Access & Action Virtual Conference

Cornerstone Birthwork’s 1st annual virtual conference, Access & Action: Community based strategies for connection, organizing, and change.

🎉Big news, everyone! This June, I have the incredible honour to be a presenter at Cornerstone Birthwork’s first annual virtual conference, Access & Action: Community based strategies for connection, organizing, and change.

✨I will be presenting on client accessibility, self authenticity, and peer connection in rural birthwork.

🌿Access & Action is the place to be when it comes to radical, decolonial, and community-oriented birthwork. I will be joined by so many incredible folks who are changemakers within our community, and the work of birthwork itself.

✨For three days, we get real loud about topics that deserve to be heard like:
Community Organizing and Community Care
Spiritual Activism
Disaster Response
Obstectric Violence
Abortion access
Justice and safety for Indigenous folks
Disability Justice
We even have a discussion on Emergent Strategy with @adriennemariebrown
The best part? There’s more to explore!

✨Cornerstone is all about connection, community, and advocacy. As they say: “We are in this with you – alone we know a little, and together we know a lot."

Access & Action is happening virtually from:
Friday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 5th
Zoom sessions and in-person meetups in select cities.
Captions and live ASL Interpreters
Presentations and Panel discussions recorded.

🎟Tickets: https://www.cornerstonedoulatrainings.com/early-bird

✨Follow @cornerstone.birthwork for details and updates!

"Bridging the Gap: Rural Community Birthwork" Presentation Description:

Learning how to navigate a [broken] system is challenging enough, without being outside the system’s “standards” or having limited access to the system’s programs. Michela will share what has (and hasn’t) worked for her during her 13 years of practice and medical advocacy in her micro/macro rural community, bridging the gaps of access to programs/care, personal accountability/authenticity in the work, and how to meet and sustainably travel the distance in rural birthwork with grace.

Rural communities often get overlooked due to the homogenized health care programs the MIC endorses. Michela understands the importance of finding ways to help the system work for the community it serves, rather than the community getting worked by the system, and how (systemically & personally) challenging that can be.

In Community,