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Full Spectrum Birthworker-Reproductive Support Specialist & Rights Informed Birth Advocate

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Sliding Scale & Payment Plans Available

Available for 2021 Due Dates, Fertility Support & 4th Trimester Care!

What do I do as a birth-keeper/worker (aka Doula)?

As a "Full Spectrum Birthworker"  I support people with wombs during conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, & the 4th Trimester (postpartum period).


This includes space holding & evidence based educational support for the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual wellbeing of any gestating person and their immediate family unit. Sacred Bridges Full Spectrum birthkeeping is inclusive of all gestating families, birth outcomes, and cultural identities & personal intersectionalities.

As a Rights Informed Birth Advocate, providing, protecting, & advocating for client centered, evidence based reproductive care is at the core of my work. I believe, the right to embody one's bodily autonomy & to receive care that is focused on their needs, identities, & birth intention belongs to every gestating person. 

The traditional aspects of my birthkeeping practice are rooted in Curanderismo- the ancestral healing practices of Mexico. It is with deep respect that I humbly carry the teachings of the Maestro/as that I have had the honor and privilege to sit with.  


There is an offering for supporting every stage of the dreaming, action, and reflection of the creation of life. Packages are available for single or coupled people, and are intended to support continuity of care. 

Available for those working with a package offering who are looking to personalize their journey further, as well as anyone hoping to work together on a per service/session basis.